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University of Hamburg

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Here I would like to write a bit about my studies of Computer Science at University of Hamburg. There I studied at the Department of Computer Science (or Department of Informatics, if you will). As a minor I studied Astronomy and Astrophysics at the Department of Physics and at Hamburg Observatory.

Diploma Thesis

I wrote my Diploma Thesis (Master Thesis) in the VSIS group (Distributed Systems and Information Systems) at the Department of Computer Science. My advisors were Prof. Dr. Norbert Ritter and Doz. Dr. Martin Lehmann. Title and topic were "Integrated Processing of Object-Relational and XML Databases with SQL:1999".


Bachelor Thesis

My Bachelor Thesis had the topic "Analysis and VHDL-based Implementation of Random Number Generators on SmartCards" (in German). I have written the thesis together with Peter Hartmann, and our advisor was Dr. Reinhard Rauscher.



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The oral exams were doubtless the unpleasant part of studying. To make life easier for subsequent students, I have written exam protocols of them. But as the degree program has changed twice since I started studying, I doubt they are still useful for anyone. Anyway, you can read them to calculate my average grade...

Projects and Talks

This is a small collection of projects that I participated in during studying. Some of the project reports I took offline, because no one seemed to be really interested.