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AMIGO! 2/94 Front side

The CD-Manager is a plain and easy-to-use managing tool for your CD collection. The overview of the CDs is quite ok, and as an extra you can search your CDs according to certain criteria.

It's not a secret what the CD-Manager cannot do: It has no database connectivity (the file format even is proprietary), is has no CD player functionality and no interface to CD player software.

The program was published in the AMIGO disk magazine of the CT-Verlag in 1994. Unfortunately, the published version 1.31 is buggy. I had written a newer version (V1.61), but it was never published, although it brings a lot of advantages, e.g., a much better search function. I offer the full version of the CD-Manager 1.61 for download:

Amiga (64 KB)
AMIGO! 2/94 Back side